“Next to the patient…every step of the way!”

Dr. Giorgos Astras is a Specialist Pathological Oncologist who, together with his team, offers oncology services throughout Cyprus.

The care of our patients is provided in an interdisciplinary care environment, which consists of doctors of all specialties with the aim of the best possible treatment of malignant neoplasms, their prevention and early diagnosis. The high level of care provision is achieved thanks to the use of the most modern and specialized technology, as well as the most effective treatment techniques. Our oncology team will guide you throughout the course of your personalized treatment so you can make the best decisions about your health.

Most of all, everyone will treat you like the most important person in the world.

Professional Team

Our Oncology Team offers professional opinions on all types of cancer. Experience and results count.

Regular Checks

For the patient to understand the difference between treatment and reduction. A cure is when the cancer never comes back.

Specialized Diagnostic Tests

We can help you prepare for the exam and understand the results.

Professional Approach

We can guide you through treatment and provide you with all the support for its success and full recovery.

Our services

Specialist Doctors

Professional diagnosis / consultation and personalized treatment options

24x7 Services

Emergency oncology services with 24-hour support and advice

Patient Services

Outpatient Clinic Services / Home treatment

Pain management services

Palliative care / pain management team


Chemotherapy and other targeted therapies

Second opinion services

Expert reviews on your disease

Dr. George Astras – Oncology Departments

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